Friday, 17 March 2017


Today i will be why pt england went to polyfest and i saw.First i will tell you about what i liked about polyfest and tell you about why went and tell you what were the group names

i really like about polyfest were the kapa haka groups and the  south african group and how they both stayed in formation
And the different dances.
Some of the activities were cool to

We went to polyfest because to learn about how different cultures danced and  to have fun and to see how they made their food
But i think to see our family perform.

I think polyfest  is good for the student to learn about their culture
And how the other people did their stuff.

Last of all the team names my team name was the scetiles there was one called te reo maori and that it bye

Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Hi my name Hone and this is my visual mihi  on the top
left corner  you will see a Maori flag and the night and day over the ocean.
the flag is to show you that i am full Maori and the night is how us Polynesians
read the stars the day is to show you that the day was beautiful .
on the bottom left corner the is the warriors logo i did that because i want
to be a warrior when i grow up.
next to it is a picture of family for life and that is because i love my family
the last one is the cross that is because i believe in god and i know he will always be there for me.
and that is me bye wait forgot to say...  plz leave a commet