Thursday, 12 April 2018

role model

last week we had to make a post about our Role Models mine was my mum and dad and we had to say why so if you go on to this post you find all those things.

Commonwealth Games

last week we had to make a post. post is talking about the history of the Commonwealth Games and how the Commonwealth Games affected the world sure if you want to learn something read this I bet you're gonna learn something

Monday, 4 September 2017

fun run

I was running 2 laps around a 3km race track there was big paddles i came 45 in a 49 man race it was so intense when i was just jogging suddenly a whole crowd of boys just past i was like the  heck so on the second lap i just swam in the puddles till the teacher came out then i ran when i saw  the finish line i raced to it and at da end i dive so that's what i did

                                                     Da end