Friday, 7 December 2018

kowhaiwhai for P.E.S

This year as our parting Koha for pt England school we have designed and painted our own Kowhaiwhai these will be mounted permanently as our Koha as year 8 of 2018

i've called my artwork the bond it means when the Moana and the Whenua meet and create a bond between each other.
the steps i had to make this are

1. sketch on a paper
2. paint on the paper i sketched on
3. s trash on a circle board 
4.then paint on the wooden circle
5.and now post on blog.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Donald trump writing

Donald trump is the best president ever.everybody in the world loves him
And he loves paying his taxes even on time.He has the most  beautiful hair it's totally not a wig or a hair piece and whenever he's finished talking his mouth doesn't look like a butthole.
I cant can't believe he nearly lost to Hillary Clinton.he skin also have absolutely no wrinkles at and he is definitely not orange.His wife is definitely not a
gold digger      
Image result for trump meme
As you can tell by the photo he is a kind and loving man and he really loves Mexicans.
and he never sniffs like a dog. and he really ain't black people racist.
he really is multicultural he loves all cultures he wants them all in his country including Mexican,Chinese people and Indians.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018


Attitude is AWESOME!  Today we covered a number of things that happen during puberty.

*Eat healthy
*Sweat: sweat doesn’t smell - it’s the bacteria in it that creates the bad odour.  Anti-perspirant - stops you from sweating. Helps you to smell well
*Wash every day: hot soapy water wash DAILY.

For the girls
Hair will start growing in other places that your not use 2 but don't worry cause it just telling  you are going through puberty.
Two areas hair doesn't grow on your body ,palms and at the bottom of your feet.  

Eat healthy  
Moisturising cream
Skin soap

Lots of awkward words for some of us ;) we had to be very mature to sit, listen and learn.
Navigating through the changes we go through - a site can help you do this.

For the boys
Think of something else
do the shoelace trick
talk to dad about it to dad

*Believe in yourself  *You are valuable
Lord of the rings...orks?? What was this story about?  Bullrush...Man bun

$5 what is it worth?  Step on it...spit on it...say ‘Your useless $5’ matter what is done to it it is still worth $5!  Similar to us - no matter what’s been said to you - how you have been chewed up and spat you just as valuable as you have always been!  You are valuable!!

Relationships take time.   Average age for relationships in NZ is 16 years of age.  No need to rush, learning to be a great friends is wayyyy more important.  It will set you up well for your future.

Talk with your parents - it’s good and the right thing to do.  They know a whole lot that can help you in life today! They can be a great resource - tap into them.

The website:

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Mary and little lamb the real story

As Mary walking down the street she saw another sheep and she liked his look so they decided to have a babythen more and more then more

my story

Once upon a time There were 2 cheetahs named zip and zap they were brothers.
One day the 2 brothers were walking upon the steaming hot Savana then they were thinking “why are the buffalos always stinky and smelly”
and “why did they always seem to be having fun”.  
Were they not as strict as our family….

The next day zip went to go find out why the buffaloes why were always having he sped across the pride lands and went into buffaloes  creek.Zip went up to the Buffalo and said what's your name my good man the buffalo simply said “bob bob marley it's supposed to be a cool now my name is bob marley”
“Ok bob why are you and your folks so happy all the time”
Bob said “because we love the land  and if that means to play around sometimes so be it and hey where's your brother that's always with you”
Zip said “he's at home hunting for the family”
So then Zip thought to himself we always use the land why don't we have fun and play around.

So then Zip sped home ... after a 5 minutes or so he got home and said to his family why do we use the land and  never and never thank
The land for providing us food  by playing around and having fun mom said“cause we are cats we keep clean and alwayz on our toes”
Zip cried “Well what if i don't want to do that”mom confusingly said “i actually don't know but your still not doing it” zip said “yes i am”

The next day zip sped over the pride lands and right back into the buffalo creek and ask bob if he could play with him and he said
”yes sure course you can”so they played in the mud sang songs like “don't worry bout a thing” for hours and hour till it was night when it came to night zip was stinky smelly and dirty but he didn't care one bit when he got back home zip mother and zap said go have shower but zip just said don't worry bout a thing  and just went to bed And the next day he did the same thing and the next day and the next day and the next day until the buffalo herd left down south.

when the buffalo herd left zip got  sad and ended up having a shower but he went to go have a shower  the mud wouldn't wash off
And left black dots all over his body now his gold furry coat was gone.Now he was even more sad now zip lives with a dotted coat forever.                     The end

Monday, 2 July 2018

force and motion

Kio ora This term pt england  are doing force and motion in team 5 we are doing a expo we got split into groups my group was me and junior we did a puller.we did a puller because it incorporated one of newtons laws of motion.

in my group we actually had 5 idears before we got to the puller idea we had floating egg, glowing egg, paper planes, cardboard basketball hoop and catapult then i said to my group all these ideas are great but we wont have enough time to make them. So we thought smaller and smarter and that's where the puller idea came in to place.small but it explains one of Newton's laws.

The puller idea was a success because when we tested it worked 
when we pulled the cardboard out of the cup the other cup went down into the Cup.

next time I am going to organise my stuff more better.