Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Mary and little lamb the real story

As Mary walking down the street she saw another sheep and she liked his look so they decided to have a babythen more and more then more

my story

Once upon a time There were 2 cheetahs named zip and zap they were brothers.
One day the 2 brothers were walking upon the steaming hot Savana then they were thinking “why are the buffalos always stinky and smelly”
and “why did they always seem to be having fun”.  
Were they not as strict as our family….

The next day zip went to go find out why the buffaloes why were always having he sped across the pride lands and went into buffaloes  creek.Zip went up to the Buffalo and said what's your name my good man the buffalo simply said “bob bob marley it's supposed to be a cool now my name is bob marley”
“Ok bob why are you and your folks so happy all the time”
Bob said “because we love the land  and if that means to play around sometimes so be it and hey where's your brother that's always with you”
Zip said “he's at home hunting for the family”
So then Zip thought to himself we always use the land why don't we have fun and play around.

So then Zip sped home ... after a 5 minutes or so he got home and said to his family why do we use the land and  never and never thank
The land for providing us food  by playing around and having fun mom said“cause we are cats we keep clean and alwayz on our toes”
Zip cried “Well what if i don't want to do that”mom confusingly said “i actually don't know but your still not doing it” zip said “yes i am”

The next day zip sped over the pride lands and right back into the buffalo creek and ask bob if he could play with him and he said
”yes sure course you can”so they played in the mud sang songs like “don't worry bout a thing” for hours and hour till it was night when it came to night zip was stinky smelly and dirty but he didn't care one bit when he got back home zip mother and zap said go have shower but zip just said don't worry bout a thing  and just went to bed And the next day he did the same thing and the next day and the next day and the next day until the buffalo herd left down south.

when the buffalo herd left zip got  sad and ended up having a shower but he went to go have a shower  the mud wouldn't wash off
And left black dots all over his body now his gold furry coat was gone.Now he was even more sad now zip lives with a dotted coat forever.                     The end

Monday, 2 July 2018

force and motion

Kio ora This term pt england  are doing force and motion in team 5 we are doing a expo we got split into groups my group was me and junior we did a puller.we did a puller because it incorporated one of newtons laws of motion.

in my group we actually had 5 idears before we got to the puller idea we had floating egg, glowing egg, paper planes, cardboard basketball hoop and catapult then i said to my group all these ideas are great but we wont have enough time to make them. So we thought smaller and smarter and that's where the puller idea came in to place.small but it explains one of Newton's laws.

The puller idea was a success because when we tested it worked 
when we pulled the cardboard out of the cup the other cup went down into the Cup.

next time I am going to organise my stuff more better.


Thursday, 14 June 2018

camp 2018

Finally the time has come it was my turn to go to year 8 camp for five years i've been watching other children go to this camp.i had know idea what to expect i knew that it was at kauarauga Christian Camp  in themes i knew there was amazing events but i did not know the events were? and what the environment looked like? i was excited to find out!!!.

It was thursday the start of the rotations.there were five rotations to go to go karts,bow and arrow,p.e,flying fox and rolling jiggers.
I'm going to talk about one of my nervous moments at camp.

It was at paintballing we were playing a paintball game called ffa That means free for all.It was me,atarata and leo I was so nervous about this because i was scared to get hurt or hit in the eye i was trying to be a expert sniper  the whole time but i was missing all the shots then leo hit ata right no check she “ why didn't you hit Hone.”
so now it was just me and leo my arch nemesis we didn't have good history. As we circled around the battlefield we looked at each other with a glare of anger hoping that we could hurt one and other.  then all of a sudden after 10 min of continuously shooting each other bang i was shot but what i didn't leo was hit too.Us kids didn't know who won so we did the hail mary run.that is when you take off your top and run across the playing field well everybody else is lined up to shoot at you

The one who got shot the most lost.I ended up winning because i had 8 shots and he had 12 we so sore we even had  bruises.

So thats all for the end

Thursday, 12 April 2018

role model

last week we had to make a post about our Role Models mine was my mum and dad and we had to say why so if you go on to this post you find all those things.

Commonwealth Games

last week we had to make a post. post is talking about the history of the Commonwealth Games and how the Commonwealth Games affected the world sure if you want to learn something read this I bet you're gonna learn something