Tuesday, 6 September 2016

kiwi the hiwi

What are the 2-3 Hiwi the Kiwi lessons you are including in your story?

On the weekend all the boys in my family went fishing. To be specific our names are Hone  dad-john and my brother Stone.

The place we went to was Beast Valley. It’s a place where nobody dares to go there because the river monster but we call it a taniwha.

The river was really polluted with rubbish so we  took some of time out of fishing time and we picked up all the rubbish by the river” was cleaned by the time we were finished it was night time.

So  my dad and my brother put bait on our fishing lines hoping for the fish to catch its eye.

 Hours later my dad’s line was pulling down all the boys pulled it 3 mins later we finally got it when we got we
It wasn’t a beast it was just a snapper.
It was to big so  had put it back.
           The end